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fitwell Employees Focus on Exceeding Expectations

By Ashlee | In News | on November 3, 2014

Smack dab in the middle of a cotton field, off Hwy 471 at the edge of the hill country sits a gym. Well, it’s really more than a gym. It’s Medina Valley’s newest health, fitness and wellness facility – fitwell. And this past week, 14 employees there gathered to team build and discuss the meaning of member experience.

“We believe fitwell is going to be more than a place to work out,” said General Manager Alice Diamant. “We have a vision for offering so much more.”

And you can be sure it’ll be centered on the customer. “We’re member oriented first and foremost,” said Alice. “One of our operating principles is to deliver a best-in-class experience that benefits our members in the community.”

Alice doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks it. To stress the importance of that member experience, Alice asked renowned Dallas-area health, fitness and wellness consultant Brent Darden to lead her staff and contracting team through a three-hour training session focused on serving members. “We want fitwell to be known for its attention to detail and unparalleled service,” said Alice. “Talking about how we can exceed our members’ expectations is one step toward making that a reality.”

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