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Motivational Monday by Coach Allen

By Ashlee | In Gym, News | on May 15, 2017

Hello my strong fitwell friends! Its mid-month and another Monday is upon us, with that comes a small message about change. I’m not talking about changing your hair color, your car or your shoes (unless you just trained!). Let’s start changing our minds! Don’t tell yourself, ugh its Monday…again. Make it a positive! IT’S MONDAY AGAIN!! I’m going to find my greatness today; in the gym, at home, at school, in life!  My first rule of change is consistency. If you consistently hate Monday, skip the gym on Monday or just tell yourself I can’t do it; your mind will keep reminding you of that…well I can’t make it, I don’t have 45 minutes a day to workout. So here’s what we’re going to do:

  1. Have a reason. Maybe it’s just better health, bigger muscles or to be summer ready; it’s your reason, you decide!
  2. Tell yourself you CAN! I think we’ve all heard how the mind always fails before the body. The key is to see the positives. “Maybe being consistent with workouts will motivate me to stay in the gym or going 2 to 3 weeks without sugar will help me kick it out of my diet!”
  3. Make it happen for 3 weeks. Better yet give me 2 weeks. A whole 14 days of coming into the gym, eating right, whatever you decide, give me 14 days of consistency. Everybody should be able to do that. Check in with me if you have to. An accountability partner is great especially if it’s one of our coaches!
  4. Remember why you joined fitwell in the first place. This right here should be motivation enough. If you can’t think of why you’re here, you need to talk to a personal trainer to get yourself going into the right direction.

Most people refer to training as coming in for a workout, let’s start to train our minds as well!

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