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TRIBE Team Training

An Innovation in Group Personal Training

TRIBE Team Training™ offers an innovation in small group personal training. In these 6-week seasons, participants receive small group training from a certified instructor with progressive workouts that build from week to week. We currently offer two TRIBE Programs:  TribeFIT and TribeCORE. We also occasionally offer TribeLIFE.


Tribe Core Logo

TribeCORE™ is intelligently designed to bring toning, strength, stability and power to your core. The program trains the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back and abdomen, starting from the deep torso muscles to leave you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs.

– Two 50 minute team core/flexibility workouts each week for 6 weeks

– Member $150 ($12.50 per session) for all 12 sessions

– Non-member $175 ($14.58 per session) for all 12 sessions


Tribe Fit Logo

TribeFIT™ is a strength and endurance conditioning program for committed individual, regardless of fitness or experience. It will increase your strength and endurance, burn fat and calories and produce functional, full body fitness results — leaving you looking and feeling amazingly fit!

– Three 50 minute team strength and conditioning workouts each week for 6 weeks

– Member $215 ($11.94 per session) for all 18 sessions

– Non-member $240 ($13.33 per session) for all 18 sessions


Tribe Life Logo

TribeLIFE™ is a low impact functional exercise workout designed to ensure you achieve overall fitness without stressing your joints. The program ensures you maintain the correct intensity during workouts needed to decrease body fat, increase energy levels, achieve cardiovascular fitness and increase functional strength.

– Two 50 minute TribeLIFE workouts each week for 6 weeks

– Member $150 ($12.50 per session) for all 12 sessions

– Non-member $175 ($14.58 per session) for all 12 sessions


There are only 10 spots available in each of our TRIBE Teams each season. Our next TRIBE season runs September 25 – November 3 with the FREE Trial week September 18-22. Contact the Service Desk at (830) 931-9166 to sign up for the Free Trial. This is the time you can try out each TRIBE and see which works best for you.

Here is the 2017 Season 6 TRIBE Team Training Trial Week Schedule:


I TRIBE Because…

 Cassie  Randy Richardcrop  Larry Eldercrop
I remember during trial week thinking there is no way I can do this and not to mention I could barely move from being so sore. When I started I couldn’t do push-ups, box jumps, burpees and more. My Tribe Coach Allen and teammates taught me to push to my limits, proper form and not to give up! Four months later I can do non-modified push-ups, burpees and anything else they throw at me. I have lost inches in my waist, gained muscle in my arms, legs and back, but most of all the confidence to believe in myself! I recommend anyone to give it try. Tribe Fit rocks!

– Cassie (FIT and CORE)

 I am midway through completing my second Tribe Core session. Since the beginning of these courses I have noticed increased mobility and flexibility. I’m also nearing my target body weight. AT 57 years old, I can finally see muscle definition in my abdomen!

    – Randy (CORE)

 Tribe, my teammates and coach motivate me to get into better shape. AT 70 years old I’m doing chin ups, power cleans and even deadlifts. Tribe has also helped me improve my body composition.

    – Larry (CORE)

Dawn Mangold Christy Hinnant Hope de los Santos
Tribe Life has helped me begin a new chapter in my life.  It has enabled me to become consistent and dedicated and to also realize the importance of those two.  Surrounded by a great team and positive encouragement makes it a win-win environment !  Can’t wait to start the next round! 

    -Dawn (LIFE)

I have learned new exercises and routines that I can use in my daily workouts – both at the gym and at home if/when my kids are sick and I can’t make it in. I have gotten so much stronger and maintained my weight loss as well. The friendships I’ve built have been so meaningful! I have really appreciated the opportunity to participate in this Tribe season.

    -Christy (LIFE)

The Tribe Life sessions were very challenging and enlightening. There were times I felt I couldn’t continue, but ladies were very encouraging and supportive. I feel my body is able to flex a little more. I do feel better, thank you!!!

    -Hope (LIFE)

Patti Velenzuela Ellen Bardwell Kristina Mike
Tribe keeps me motivated and committed. It also makes me feel stronger, but most importantly makes me feel great about myself.

    -Patti (LIFE)

Since starting Tribe I have increased strength and I am eating healthier. I am able to better hold myself accountable and I want to come to the gym more often.

    -Ellen (CORE & LIFE)

I’ve enjoyed TRIBE Core, the instructor, the group and the program have been amazing. I’ve noticed improvement in both strength and endurance and can’t wait to try the other programs.

       -Kristina (CORE)

Kristy Alan Michelle
I love TRIBE thus far. Krista has pushed me (nicely) to limits that I didn’t think were possible. I now feel so much stronger and fit. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants the intense small group instruction!

       -Kristi (CORE)

My core strength and flexibility has improved in 4 weeks. High energy class with no time wasted. Flow is good and exercises are explained well. Good vibe and improvement is easy to see.

       -Alan (CORE)

I have taken Tribe Core for 2 Seasons and I am now in the best shape that I have been in the past 15 years. I now can do real push-ups!

       -Michelle (CORE)

Venessa Sharon Rogers
Core has done exactly what I expected it to do. I feel stronger and Krista has pushed me to the limits I didn’t know I was capable of achieving.

Vanessa (CORE)

I have taken the Tribe Core program for 2 seasons. After the first season I was able to see a marked improvement in my strength and stamina. I am an avid horseback rider and had been unable to mount without help or a stool. After being in Core I enjoyed an eight hour trail ride, getting on and off my horse without aid. What a great feeling!

          -Sharon (CORE)

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